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Back to school: Homework advice

A bit of your time and attention can make homework easier for your child.

It's probably not a child's favorite part of school, but homework is important—and inevitable.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these tips for making homework easier:

  • Make sure a child's workspace is free of clutter and distractions, including television and other electronic devices.
  • Show your children you're interested in their work. Re-explain assignments if necessary, and check to see that homework is completed.
  • If your child has trouble finishing homework, consider having him or her cut back on other activities. Providing more after-school supervision may also help.
  • Plan to have your child step away from the books for a few minutes every hour. An occasional break will help rest your child's eyes, neck and brain.
  • If you're unable to help a child in a subject, consider getting a tutor. Discuss your options with the child's teacher.

Reviewed 12/12/2021

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